Saturday, 25 October 2008

INTA's TM Topics email discussion group

I have been following the INTA listserv for many years now, occasionally contributing to discussions on the rare (and increasingly so) occasions when they did not concern purely US matters, recommending friends in other countries and a couple of times asking for recommendations when I needed an overseas associate. It is a useful group to belong to and open to non-INTA members too. I commend it to all of you who practise in the field, especially because it would be good to have some more participation from here.
The need for more input from Europe is highlighted by a recently thread in the group. It started discussing issues arising in the US when applications were based on what the Americans (sic) will refer to as European applications. It became clear that it was specifications in CTM applications that were the cause of the problem.
The originator of the thread stated that a European associate had asserted that it would be malpractice to file for anything less than all the goods or services in a class, by reference to the Nice Classification headings. I stuck my neck out and said that, on the contrary, I thought it might be malpractice to do just that.
The substantive points merit deeper consideration, and it will be interesting to hear others' views, but I'll be starting that discussion elsewhere.

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