Thursday, 13 November 2008

INTA midyear leadership meeting

INTA's midyear meeting is a new experience for me: only 1100 delegates (or "attendees", in US English - surely it should be "attenders", if it has to be "attend-" anything? I was attending the meeting, not the other way round). So too is sunshine, at least these past couple of years, and the Country Club lifestyle is certainly alien to me.

The meeting itself has been good. I have been attending the educational sessions, most unusually for me, and while one yesterday was poorly staged (speakers not addressing microphones, a rather hard-to-follow discussion) the second, on trade marks and human rights, was fascinating. Actually, it could better have been entitled "trade marks as property", and it showed me why Bill Patry referred to the property metaphor when I heard him lecturing about copyright last year - that IP is property is not settled in US law.

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