Saturday, 14 February 2009

E-borders policy - another restriction of our civil liberties?

My libertarian instincts, such as they are, often become overwelmed by other considerations. I don't mind submitting myself to security checks at airports because they mean that the chances of my being blown up on the way to my destination are reduced. I don't even get too exercised about CCTV cameras everywhere, because they give me at least the impression of being protected from crime, although I'd far prefer it if people would somehow get back the respect for the law and for norms of social behaviour so that enforcement wasn't so crucial.

We are now being exposed to another intrusion into our privacy, with the government tracking the movements of Britons in and out of the coutry. They say it is in the interests of fighting crime: they would, wouldn't they? No doubt it will help that, but at what cost?

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