Monday, 16 February 2009

L'Oréal v Bellure: Advocate General's opinion

Although it seems that it took a while to appear, there is an English version of Advocate General Mengozzi's opinion in L'Oréal v Bellure on the Court of Justice website now. Here is a link to it. I haven't digested it yet so offer no comment (there has been a lot already from elsewhere), but I will say I don't think this English version is necessarily any easier to understand than the original Italian. What on earth does the first indent of 111 mean? Perhaps it will all become clear in due course.

The IPKat has bemoaned the lack of English translations of opinions and decisions many times, and apparently it is down to a shortage of interpreters. I recently edited a contribution to The Trademark Reporter, on Community trade mark developments, and when I consulted the original court decisions I found none of them available in English.

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