Thursday, 6 May 2010

April 2010 Lawcast

You can download the latest edition of the IPso Jure Lawcast, sponsored by Olcott & Co LLC, from here - the notes are here although not in a final form: I will be replacing that file with a better one later, but the link will still work.
I hope that CPD accreditation is only a short time away, and that the May edition will bring with it the possibility of satisfying your training requirements, or rather a small part of them. Please email me to register your interest in subscribing. I propose to make the audio file available for free download, as now, and the notes too, but to charge for the multichoice questions that are the key to a proper CPD distance learning course. I anticipate a charge of £25 for one programme, but will offer annual subscriptions (12 monthly episodes) for £240 and a special founder subscribers' rate for the first year, for early adopters. Payment will be strictly in advance, by PayPal or cheque. Cash will also be acceptable!
For more details or to to register your interest please email If you have any comments on this product, please tell me by the same means, or by commenting on this blog.

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