Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Back on the road again

You might have noticed, gentle reader, that I haven't been podcasting lately. There are several reasons. My sponsorship from Olcott International ran out, too many subscribers did not renew, the SRA needed another pound of flesh, and I had taken on a part-time job at the RIBA in addition to continuing to practise law and running a legal publishing company. Something had to give, at least temporarily. At least I could draw encouragement from the fact that the non-renewals liked the product, just didn't get a chance to listen. As one of them wrote:

It's not like listening to a lecture at all, more like sitting having a conversation with a very knowledgeable (and funny) friend ... You have a very clear way of putting things and a very reassuring voice, and I like the way you maintain your enthusiasm throughout.

Now I am ready to get started again. Having a publishing company to assume responsibility for it is a big help (although it makes no difference to who is doing the work - it's still me, with help from the same group of assistants, depending on their other commitments, plus a new one I hope). On the other hand, I have also taken on some tutorial work, at the Russian Academy of Justice in Moscow. In Cheryomushki, to be precise, though it's far removed now from what Shostakovich depicted in his opera set there.

So, the hiatus is over, and I will even try to work back to where I left off - last July. Five missing programmes, if I can manage to reverse-engineer them, but I'll concentrate on getting the new ones recorded and published. I will get January done when I get back from Moscow ...

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