Monday, 19 March 2012

Too many solicitors?

RBS, of all the greenhouse-occupiers in the world who should take care about throwing stones, say that the profession should shed about 5 per cent of its numbers (so Legal Week tells us). How come? There is massive unmet legal need, and reducing the number of people who can deliver the services for which, at the right price, there is so much demand, hardly addresses the real problem. In fact, the suggestion could probably only have come from Planet Banker.

How many times over could the hole in the provision of legal services have been repaired with the money thrown into the banking money pit?

Indeed, how many solicitors could (should) be gainfully employed pursuing claims against the banks whose recklessness has caused so much misery?

And what percentage, pray tell, of bankers would we be better off without? Come to that, how many ex-bankers, or those who would a few years ago have become bankers, are now trying to enter the legal profession?

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