Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Button Moon creator wins in PCC

Button Moon
Button Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The BBC reports that Ian Allen, the creator of the children's TV series Button Moon which entertained at least some of my daughters all those years ago, has won a copyright infringement case in the Patents County Court. In fact it was a passing off case too (as you might well guess after reading the BBC piece), decided by Miss Recorder Amanda Michaels last week. I wonder whether this is Amanda's first published judgment? The case is Allen v Redshaw [2013] EWPCC B1 (15 May 2013) and I don't think it contains anything groundbreaking. The mere fact that the BBC reported it on their website is reason enough to mention it here, though.

It turns out that it isn't her first published judgment: I find there are a couple in the same piece of litigation, Ghias (t/a Griller) v Ikram (t/a the Griller Original) & Ors [2012] EWPCC 4 (26 January 2012) and [2012] EWPCC 3 (24 January 2012).
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