Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Agreement on a Unified Patent Court, Cm 8653

The Agreement on a Unified Patent Court has been published by the government, as Cm 8653. A mere 66 pages, which these days wouldn't be long for a judgment: in the shops it would cost you £11.75, but as a download it costs nothing - the wonders of the Internet ...

I am intrigued to see the copyright notice on the inside cover: "Crown copyright 2013", it says. Section 163 tells us that Crown copyright subsists in a work made by Her Majesty or an officer or servant of the Crown in the course of his duties. Her Majesty can be ruled out as a possible maker of this work, but so too I imagine can officers and servants of the Crown - except in the very limited sense that someone has created the typographical arrangement of this published edition. Surely this is a European Union text, but the various Copyright (International Organisations) Orders do not mention the Union, any of the Communities. Interesting. No doubt there is a simple answer, just not one that is very obvious.

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