Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Iron Maiden Tracks Down Pirates…. And Gives Them Concerts | TorrentFreak

TorrentFreak  reports a variation on the frequently-heard theme that either illegal downloading actually enhances sales of legit music, or it doesn't. Unfortunately, it is now recognised as inaccurate: it seems that it's more in the nature of speculation about what Iron Maiden (or anyone else) could do with the data that they can get hold of about downloading, and Iron Maiden were merely used as an example - but chosen for the very good reason that they have a record of going where the fans are, even if those fans are downloading illegal material. The CiteWorld article tells us that the band has played some very profitable gigs in South America.

It's hardly surprising that the people who download illegal stuff are often supplementing spending on legitimate stuff, including concert tickets - it's not that people buy the illegal stuff and trade up to the real thing, in the way that I used to tape friends' LPs (and allow them to tape mine) before buying a copy of the record if I liked it (and wanted to hear it properly). It's also not far removed from buying bootlegs when you've already got all the albums the record company sees fit to release, and it's also not far removed from allowing fans to tape gigs, as the Grateful Dead always did and Robyn Hitchcock (to name one) does now.

So they would be identifying where's a good place to go on tour by using data about downloading. Clever, huh? As you'd expect from a band with a Hartlepudlian guitarist. I didn't knowingly go to junior school with him.

Perhaps now that it's had so much exposure, Iron Maiden or someone else will think of actually doing it. That would be a Good Thing.

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