Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Rights of audience: Law Society secures rule change for IP solicitors - The Law Society

Solicitors will have the same rights of audience in the ultra-trendy Intellectual Property Enterprise Court* as they had in the Patents County Court, the Law Society  says, claiming that its lobbying has brought about this outcome. (I wish it would work equally hard to prevent the unqualified, which as I understand it remains unlawful, use of the title 'attorney' by patent and trade mark attorneys).

Although it was the Chancellor of the High Court who announced that judges would allow solicitors to appear, our too-big-for-its-boots regulator had to stick its oar in:
The SRA has also confirmed that it will not regard solicitors appearing in the IPEC as being in breach of the rules and will change the regulations to make it clear that solicitors have rights of audience.
How kind of it.

*The utterly spurious word 'Enterprise' is what makes it ultra-trendy, although I should make clear that it's the name not the court that I am describing thus.

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