Friday, 3 July 2015

Charles Dickens and copyright

Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society has published an interesting article on Charles Dickens's copyright campaigns by my Society of Authors management Committee colleague Lucinda Hawksley who happens to be the novelist's great great great granddaughter, and a patron of the Dickens Museum where there is currently an exhibition devoted to the subject. I have long intended to go to the museum, so perhaps with this incentive I will achieve this aim - as I failed to do recently when the RAF Museum had an exhibition of Biggles-related paintings. Although as I can find no mention of any such exhibition on the website, perhaps I am already too late. Curiously, one of the few references to copyright is to the Museum's archive of images, which they claim is "the world's most extensive copyrighted range of images connected with the author." The term of protection has increased since his lifetime, but not that much.

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