Podcasting is a great medium for continuing professional development, partly because I don't have to see myself on screen delivering a talk - and the audience doesn't have to see me, at all.The IPso Jure podcasts cover developments in UK patent, trade mark, copyright and design law and related areas and are produced as early in the following month as I can manage. This means that the date of the podcast indicates not when I published it but what month it covers - unlike periodicals which are commonly published in the month before that which appears on the cover.

Each month's programme qualifies for one hour's CPD, accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Barristers can count non-accredited CPD so should be OK without me paying the outrageous sums demanded by the Bar Standards Board - who, in a rational world, should be content with the fact that the SRA is satisfied. Patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys can at present only get 25 per cent of their annual requirement this way: I had some discussions with IPReg about this but haven't  made much progress. At least SRA accreditation is good enough for them.

The deal is that you download and keep the audio files and the notes using the link I will provide once you have registered. There are samples available (below) free of charge if you want to try before you buy. If you want CPD I need to know about it and you need to do a short multi-choice questionnaire to satisfy the authorities. The registration fee can be paid using PayPal, or by cheque or bank transfer. The podcasts are provided by Motor Law Publications Limited, which is a whole other story.

A single programme costs £30 plus VAT (£6) and an annual subscription £300 (plus £60 VAT) for 12 programmes. By a happy coincidence, 12 hours is the most CPD that solicitors can score by distance learning. I have recorded, and will be recording, further materials - a series of introductory lectures to accompany my online book, for one thing, which you can find on another page of this site under the title A Run Through Intellectual Property - which also carry CPD.

For a sample, you may listen to these programmes from a while ago. Left click to start playing immediately or to open the notes, right click to download. You're welcome to download and keep them for ever, if you wish. Here's the list:

June 2011  MP3 Notes
July 2011  MP3 Notes

Terms and conditions
There are very few legals. Motor Law Publications Limited will process personal data about you only for the purposes of providing you with the material, marking multichoice questions and other matters directly associated with giving you CPD, if that's why we have your personal data, and if somehow we have collected personal data by other means we will do nothing more than inform you of developments in the IP field, including our own products. We won't pass your details to anyone else except your regulator, if they need to see CPD records. We have not notified our data processing activities to the Information Commissioner's Office, because they all come within the core business purposes exception.

We reserve the right not to do business with particular people, at our discretion. I can't imagine why we would want to turn away business, but just in case.

I doubt that you would be regarded as a consumer, but if you are the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (SI 2000 No 2334) will apply. You will receive full contact details and our VAT registration number prior to making payment. I have described the main characteristics of the service here, on this site, and have given details of the price (including tax). There are no delivery costs, unless you insist on having the material on CDROM, which can be arranged at an additional cost of one-quarter (which of course goes for the VAT too). There is no minimum duration to the contract, except that you get what you pay for: if you pay for a year, that's the minimum, but you can pay month-by-month if you prefer.

As for the right to cancel, you will be deemed to have agreed to our providing the service (i.e. processing your claim to CPD by marking the questions etc) before the expiry of 7 days after delivery. This means, in effect, that provided we get the statutory information to you at the appropriate time, you really don't have a right to cancel. Don't pay us  anything unless you are sure you want to.

The materials are provided as is, whatever that means. I use reasonable skill  and exercise reasonable care in putting them together: after all, it's my professional knowledge. To get the programmes out in timely fashion, I might not be able to reflect maturely on everything in the programme, and for that reason as well as many others you must understand that it is not legal advice.

These podcasts are directed to practitioners in England and Wales, and possibly elsewhere in the United Kingdom. While we cannot control who downloads them, they are not designed for use elsewhere - although we hope people outside the jurisdiction might still enjoy listening to them.

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