Thursday, 4 February 2010

Dictionary of Intellectual Property

I have spent time over the past several years compiling a Dictionary of Intellectual Property - combining my love of lists and reference books with my knowledge of (I hesitate to say anything about a love of) intellectual property. It is getting close to completion - and having found a publisher for it, I have committed myself to delivering the typescript by the end of February.

Friends have kindly given me many suggestions, which has enabled me to assemble nearly 600 expressions in need of definitions (and I have written most of those definitions too). However, it is still a bit too English, so I am interested to hear from overseas friends about expressions from their own jurisdictions or in their languages tht merit inclusion: and also about English expressions which they would like to see defined. I suppose the request also extends to overseas friends telling me about exrssions from a third country or language that they would like to see defined in it.

I have uploaded a copy of the outline including all the expressions I have collected so far, and if you click on the link (the word "outline") you will probably get to it - if that doesn't work, let me know. I am also happy to show friends my complete work as it stands, but reluctant to make it public in the same way as the outline.

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