Saturday 7 January 2017

Bulgarian radio in licensing dispute, relying on out-of-copyright music

Copyright spat forces Bulgaria radio to play old tunes, reports BBC News. Musicautor, the collecting society, is reported to be demanding three times as much in royalties as before - to bring it into line with other EU countries, it claims. The broadcaster says it can't afford to pay that much without damaging the service it offers.

Not all copyright music is off the air in Bulgaria, though. Dancho (or is it Jordan?) Karadjov, frontman of Bulgarian rock band Signal, isn't a member of Musicautor and hasn't been since 1990, and is letting the station broadcast his latest solo album, a copy of which he gave to the radio station's director. He obviously feels a debt to the radio station for the help it gave the band decades ago - in the 80s when I imagine that it wasn't very easy to be a Bulgarian rock musician. Although listening to my first piece of Signal music ( - the title translates as "Farewell" which might indicate that I should have found somewhere else to start) I'm not sure that "rock musician" is quite the right expression. Perhaps I should dig deeper - but do I really want or need to become familiar with Bulgarian rock?

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