Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Photographing farms in Florida

That might soon be a criminal offence, if legislation currently being considered becomes law. Which I hope it doesn't, not that it would make much difference to my life if I had to abstain from the above alliterative activity. My friend Marc Randazza has the story on his always-entertaining Legal Satyricon blog, along with some his trademark disparaging remarks about what he always refers to as Flori-duh (and a very disparaging illustration for the appreciation of which a schoolboy sense of humour is required - be warned). Not just a criminal offence: a first-degree felony, like murder. As Mark Meyer says in his excellent, erudite and whatever-the-opposite-of-vulgar-is posting:
So if this bill passes and you want to photograph a cow, you are better off breaking into the barn, stealing it and photographing it off-site, a crime for which you might only get five years rather than thirty.

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