Friday, 23 September 2011

Dylan and copyright

The great man has always worked with images as well as with words, but it seems that he might not bring the same originality to his painting as he does to his writing. Michael Gray's Bob Dylan Encyclopedia blog today shows a photo by Dmitri Kessel (died 1995) and a painting from Dylan's "Asia" series. You won't even have to dig out the report of Bauman v Fussell [1978] RPC 485 to work out that this needs the copyright owner's permission - and if you go a little deeper into Mr Gray's blog you will find other examples, such as this photo by the Danish photographer, Jacob Aue Sobol (born 1976), and a painting visible in this group.

This, from a musician who stands to benefit now from the extension of copyright in his sound recordings! I hope he got permission ...

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