Sunday, 20 January 2013

Google settles Belgian papers' copyright dispute, seeks arbitration of dispute with GEMA

Reuters reported last month that Google had  settled a six-year dispute over copyright with Belgian newspaper publishers.  It hopes will be a model for resolving similar disputes elsewhere in the world.

Reuters characterised the settlement as an agreement by Google to help boost online revenues for the papers and authors.  Publishers have been trying to get Google to pay them for showing their online content in Web searches as more and more readers of the printed word defect to online media. Now Google will help them ensure that readers pay for news, using paywalls and subscriptions, while Google will not pay for the content itself.

Meanwhile, GEMA, the German music copyright collecting society, says that negotiations with Google, whihc gives access through You tube to 1,000 unlicensed tracks from GEMA's catalogue and owes €1.6 million, have failed. GEMA has therefore turned to the Arbitration Board of the German Patent and Trademarks Office to resolve the dispute.

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