IP book

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, on the Budokan album (recorded in 1978), "I wrote this book, uh, about 10 years ago ... still means a lot to me, hope it means a lot to you." It's not Blowin' in the Wind, but it still has its uses. This is the third edition, and publishing it this way means there's never going to be any need to produce a fourth.
Here is the list of contents, with hyperlinks to the individual chapters. Some of them have health warnings until I get them up to date: today (13 May 2014) I have uploaded the five patents chapters, which leaves onlt database right and the last two chapters to bring up to date. And here for starters is a document I call an IP Roadmap, which gives you the very, very basics of IP law on one side of A4.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 1a International aspects

Chapter 2 Confidential Information

Chapter 3 Patents – Introduction And Subject Matter

Chapter 4 Patents – Obtaining Protection

Chapter 5 Patents – The Owner’s Rights

Chapter 6 Patents – Ownership And Transfer

Chapter 7 Patents – International Aspects

Chapter 8 Designs

Chapter 9 Registered Designs – Introduction And Subject Matter

Chapter 10 Registered Designs: The Content Of The Right

Chapter 11 United Kingdom Unregistered Design Right: Introduction and subject matter

Chapter 12 United Kingdom Unregistered Design Right: infringement and ownership

Chapter 13 The Community Design System

Chapter 14 Copyright - Introduction

Chapter 15 Copyright – Subject Matter

Chapter 16 Who Owns Copyright, and for how long?

Chapter 17 The Copyright Owner’s Rights

Chapter 18 Copyright: Moral Rights

Chapter 19 Dealings With Copyright Works

Chapter 20 Database Right

Chapter 21 Trade Marks - Introduction

Chapter 22 Subject Matter Of Registered Trade Marks

Chapter 23 Trade Marks – Conditions For Registration

Chapter 24  Trade Marks – Exclusive Rights

Chapter 25 Matters Arising During the Life of a Trade Mark

Chapter 26 Community Trade Marks

Chapter 27 International Trade Marks

Chapter 28 Dealings With Trade Marks

Chapter 29 Passing-off And Malicious Falsehood

Chapter 30 Domain names and company names

Chapter 31 Privacy

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