Monday, 16 May 2011

A new week of intellectual property ...

The Financial Times gives us a preview of the Hargreaves Review's report, which is promised for Wednesday, while Rebecca Tushnet's blog draws attention to a paper by Christian Handke on the economic effects of copyright, part of the work of the Copyright Policy Research Forum of the National Research Council (of the USA). The NRC has set up a blog to enable participants who can't do so in person to contribute. And they seem to be making better use of it than the Hargreaves Review did of its blog.

Prof Tushnet's blog also draws attention to a story in the New York Times about the perils of naked licensing - well, presumably naked: Donald Trump has been letting developers use his name, for no small consideration I imagine, and his goodwill has suffered for it.

Crain's Detroit Business website reports (here, free sub required) that IP litigation in Michigan has declined for the third year running, according to some attorneys - the victim, it seems, of a combination of low plaintiff success rates, meagre damages and speedy routes to trial, none of which attract plaintiffs, especially trolls. But that general statement seems to hold true for patents, and the report notes that trade mark litigation is not suffering.

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