Saturday, 21 April 2012

Where do you think Stilton cheese is made?

If you thought it comes from Stilton, you'd be wrong. The PDO allows eight producers, none of them in Stilton, to produce the cheese, so a cheesemaker in Stilton cannot call their product Stilton cheese. It was, apparently, given the name because it was supplied in coaching inns there.

Cheese names are a complete mess, with Cheddar coming from anywhere in the world, not just Cheddar (in other words, the name has become generic for a particular type of cheese - indeed, a pretty generic type of cheese) and other abominations (IMHO) like Somerset Brie - and Danish Feta, if I remember correctly ... Whatever the reasons for Stilton being called Stilton, no-one is going to be deceived if cheese made there bears the name of the village, and the system is only going to be brought into disrepute if the present situation is allowed to pertain.

The Telegraph reports that DEFRA is being asked to change the rules, and if it accepts that there is a case for change the matter will go out to consultation for twelve weeks. Watch this space!

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Liam said...

Brilliant. At last someone is starting to speak common sense !!!



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