Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Whiter Shade of Pale Revisited

I am rather pathetically proud of a piece I wrote about the original high court action, and now that the case has reached the dizzy heights of the House of Lords my effort will be of historical value only.  I have therefore placed it in my public dropbox folder, secure in the knowledge that it is so different from what appeared in the Entertainment Law Review that no copyright problems can arise (even if, which I don't think I did, I assigned anything to the publishers).

The reason it comes to mind is that I am engaged in a similar project: including as many song titles by the artist in question as I possibly can.  My pride in this piece of nonsense about Procol Harum derives from the inclusion of 25 of their song titles, not counting the subject of the article.  I couldn't manage to do anything with Repent Walpurgis, Salad Days, Conquistador, She Wandered Through The Garden Fence, Homburg, A Salty Dog, Grand Hotel, or Broken Barricades, or many more that I would have to look up on the web first.

I hope it brings you a small amount of the enjoyment it gave me.  But I doubt it ...

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